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Design Review Panel 2024-2026 – Expressions of Interest

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Design Review Panel Expressions of Interest

Are you a passionate architect, urban designer, landscape architect, someone with sustainability and environmental design experience or heritage experience? We would love to hear from you!

The City of Canning is seeking expressions of interest from suitably qualified and experienced consultants to join the City’s new Design Review Panel as a Panel Member or as the Chairperson for a two-year term.

The Panel is responsible for reviewing development applications and providing independent expert design advice to the City. The Panel does not make any decisions on applications nor does it liaise directly with applicants and other interested parties.

The City’s role is to consider the advice given by the Design Review Panel, and act upon it, at its discretion.

The Role

As a member of the Design Review Panel you will:

  • Provide independent expert design advice on various development proposals and strategic instruments against the 10 Design Principles within State Planning Policy 7.0 – Design of the Built Environment.
  • Make recommendations and provide advice to the City of Canning on any planning which has been referred to the Panel, including:
    • Proposals considered significant because of their size or land use;
    • Proposals considered to be significant because of their location;
    • Proposals considered to be significant because of their community impact;
    • Proposals considered to benefit from design review; and
    • Any scheme amendment, structure plan, policy, precinct plan, local development plan or design guidelines considered to benefit from design review by the Panel.
  • Attend meetings when required;
  • Provide advice on email referrals when required;
  • Provide design advice which aligns with the state and local planning framework; and
  • Review the meeting minutes and provide feedback to the Panel Chairperson on design advice when required.

As the Chairperson of the Design Review Panel you will:

  • Lead the design review discussion;
  • Facilitate interactive and collaborative discussion and participation of all parties, including all Panel Members, all relevant local government attendees and the proponent;
  • Review meeting minutes and liaise with other Panel Members in order to provide a final set of design advice to the City following each Panel meeting; and
  • Brief decision makers on the design advice from the Panel when required.


Panel membership will be reviewed after a period of two years. Panel membership cannot be sub-contracted to another party. Upon the term expiring, members will be encouraged to reapply.


Remuneration of Panel Members is to be in accordance with the City’s Local Planning Policy (LP.06) – Design Review Panel and Assessment of Significant Development.

Nomination Requirements

Attach to the nomination form:

  • Cover Letter (please include information on which position you are nominating for – Panel Member, Chairperson or both)
  • Selection Criteria
  • Information outlining qualification in one or more of the following (or other relevant professional area) and a current registration with the relevant professional body:
    • Architecture;
    • Landscape architecture;
    • Urban design;
    • Sustainability and environmental design; and/or
    • Heritage.
  • Information regarding professional indemnity insurance including, insurance broker, policy number, value and expiry date.
  • A response to each of the selection criteria below.

Selection Criteria

Knowledge and Skills

All Applicants (Panel Member, Chairperson)

  • Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the principles of architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, sustainable design and heritage;
  • Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the practices and principles of statutory and strategic town planning within a local government context;
  • Knowledge of how to apply the State and local planning frameworks to planning applications; and
  • High level of written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills.

Additional Criteria for Chairperson Nomination

  • Skills in leading and facilitating discussions; and
  • Skills in consolidating the results of discussions to provide clear and concise advice.


All Applicants (Panel Member, Chairperson)

  • Demonstrated experience in the preparation, assessment or design review of complex development applications and town planning proposals in line with State and local planning frameworks;
  • Demonstrated ability to formulate design solutions using your experience in the professional field of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, Sustainability/Environmental Design or heritage;
  • Demonstrated experience in attending or assisting with State Administrative Tribunal proceedings; and
  • Demonstrated experience in successfully working in multi-disciplinary groups.

Additional Criteria for Chairperson Nomination

  • Demonstrated experience in leading and facilitating design review discussions; and
  • Demonstrated experience in consolidating the results of discussions to provide clear and concise advice.

Submit a Nomination Form

Prior to completing a Nomination Form, please ensure you have read and understand:

To nominate for the Design Review Panel, please complete the form. Nominations close Monday 29 July 2024 at 4pm (WST).

Nominations close Monday 29 July 2024 at 4pm (WST).

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