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Information on the City of Canning's current, under evaluation, and awarded tenders.

Current Tenders

The following tenders are currently released for suppliers to review the requirements of, and consider submitting an offer to the City against defined terms and conditions of contract.

Under Evaluation

The following tenders have closed and are under evaluation by an evaluation panel. In due time a recommendation will be made to an accountable delegate and the contract awarded.

Awarded Tenders

The City maintains an electronic tender register so as to maintain transparency regarding the award of contracts for tenders and the price accepted.

Applying for City of Canning tenders

You must register with our eProcurement Portal to apply for City of Canning tenders. The City only accepts tender offers submitted through this portal.

By registering, you can also see all current tenders and receive email notification for new tenders.

To learn more, visit the Suppliers and Contractors page.

Supplier Register

We invite you to register your business on the City of Canning Supplier Register. By listing your services and contact details on our website, you will make it easier for our staff to connect with you during the procurement process.

To learn more and register, visit the Supplier Register page.

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