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Hillview Community Art Project

The UNITY artwork by Nick Zafir celebrates the difference, diverse backgrounds, and intercultural connections between communities of the Hillview Intercultural Community Centre.

We developed the idea of a collage through a collaborative design process with community; using recognised patterns from various cultures and elements of “home” to create one overarching sentiment of welcoming and unity.

Translations of the word unity in different languages are embedded within the text UNITY and reflect the many interpretations and contexts we bring to an intercultural space.

Thank you to all the Cultural Ambassadors and community members who contributed to UNITY through their involvement in the design and painting workshops, held at Hillview Intercultural Community Centre during May 2023, and facilitated by Community Arts Network.

The Unity artwork
CAN - Community Arts Network and Lotterywest

Program partners

This project is supported through a Lotterywest grant. The WA Government, through Lotterywest, supports community projects like this one, helping to build a better WA together.

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