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Verge Permit

A verge permit entitles you to use the City of Canning's verge during building, demolition or development works.

For information and guidelines in regards to applying for a verge permit, view the below documents and forms:

Who does this information relate to?

This information is for owners or builders planning on carrying out any building, demolition or development works. This includes work such as, but not limited to:

  • earthworks
  • demolition
  • fencing
  • roofing
  • landscaping
  • adding a patio, pergola, carport, swimming pool or spa
  • building a house.

What is a verge?

A verge is the area of land that lies between the property boundary and the street or road.

What is a verge permit?

A verge permit entitles you to use the City of Canning's verge during building, demolition or development works.

There are a number of important conditions you must comply with when using the verge.

Why do I need a verge permit?

Building and demolition works can often result in damage to City’s property in the verge area such as the road pavement, kerbs, footpaths, drains, street trees and plants.

The City also receives complaints from residents about the inability to use footpaths as a result of building materials and equipment obstructing access.

A verge permit enables the City to monitor the use of the verge, thereby minimising damage to the area and inconvenience to neighbours. The permit also provides a legal avenue for the Builder to use the verge, to facilitate the necessary works.

Is it compulsory to have a verge permit?

Yes, regardless of the value or nature of your building, demolition or development works, if you are using the verge you must have a verge permit.

What are the more common requirements when storing materials on a verge?

The City will apply a range of conditions to the permit. However the application must be supported by a site plan clearly showing where the materials are to be stored, and how high the storage will be. More information on the specific requirements are found within the City of Canning Guidelines for Use of a Verge During Building Works and Development (PDF 320KB).


The verge permit fee is $314.52. This fee covers the processing of the application, and will include a City officer conducting both a pre-development inspection and a post completion inspection of the verge area. There are no additional fees.

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